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How 7 Agents Won 53 Listings With Their Books

By Authorify // 14 Feb 2020

Unsure of how much of a difference your book can actually make for your real estate business? Take it from these agents who are raking in more listings than ever. 

Jesse won 8 listings because of his books.

“One of my customers shared my book with an individual, and the next thing you know, I get a text from this guy that has four properties that he’s trying to sell, and he wanted to list with me. He referred another 3 listings to me. I couldn’t have done all that without these amazing real estate books.” 

Debbie got 4 listings and 3 buyers by giving away her books at open houses.  

“At one of the open houses, I had a family come through, and I gave them one of my books. They are buying a $600,000 home. And I will be listing their former home for probably about $400,000 to $425,000. Basically, that all came from giving them my books at my Open House. 

Then, I got a listing for $320,000 from another open house. Next, I had another young couple come into an open house. They’re looking to buy with me for around $350,000 and they're listing their former house in the mid $200s.

In addition, I’ve been handing out some of my books at other open houses and have one more listing for $275,000. And finally, I have a couple who are moving here and  are buying with me because I handed them one of my buyer books.”

Liza got 5 high-end listings using her books.

“An Expired Seller received my book and called me to list their $2.8 million house. We talked on the phone and agreed to the terms of the listing. 

Then he said, ‘You've agreed to these things, so you can just bring by the listing agreement. When you show up, we'll sign it.’ So it was really like a meet and greet. It was very simple. That was for a $2.8 million listing, which sold in about 60 days.

"One book netted me three transactions. I have two listings from it and one sale. The owner bought a property from me. She has two homes, two vacant homes that we're working on selling. The one book got me the three transactions. Those transactions were a $1 million sale, a $1.5 million property, and a $500,000 property.

"I'm currently working with somebody else, and his house is going to be around $900,000. We're just getting it ready for market. I have another house coming on for about $2.5 million from the book.

"The book has gotten me more high-priced listings than lower priced for sure. One client said she would have gladly paid for the book. She couldn’t believe I was giving it away for free.”

Jeff won 3 Expired Listings with his books. 

All 3 were over $1 million, with one of them priced at $7.4 million. He said no other agent in his area can compete when he has his books in hand.

Sharon won 5 transactions after giving books to Divorce Attorneys. 

“I partnered with a local divorce attorney to help me get leads. They’re very impressed with my business based around the books, so they’re giving me some referrals on their end.

"Once I get the leads, I contact the sellers with my usual package, which always includes my real estate books. And right now, I have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven — seven listings on my board, and three are directly from the books.

One property right now, which I got from the divorce attorney, is a pretty cool listing because it’s not only just one listing; it’s two listings and a purchase."

Ben dominated the FSBOs in his market and got 10 listings. 

Biggest benefit of using the books: “It gives me more of that expert look. Anybody that has a book, you just automatically think they're an expert.” 

“One of the direct results, it was a $500,000 listing. It was a For Sale by Owner in a prime area. This FSBO was probably called by every single Realtor for 100 miles around. I gave him the book. He was going to go out of state for a little while and wanted to touch base again. When he came back, that's what really sold him. 

He took two weeks, followed the instructions in staging the home. So went through the book, got the home all prepared. Listed with me without a problem. He said, ‘Can you just email me the papers with the Docusign?’” 

April has gotten between 20 to 25 listings with her books.  

Biggest benefit of using the books: “The books position me as an expert, so I get 4 times as many appointments from my prospecting, compared to before I started using the books.” (She went from 3-4 hours of calls to get 1 listing appointment to 1 hour of calls to get 1 listing appointment.)  

We recently talked to her, and here’s what she told us: “I think I started with you guys about 8 months ago. Since then, I did in between five and six listings a month. I have gotten about 20 to 25 listings from the book.” 

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