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Generate More Sales by Being Positioned as a Trusted Authority

By Authorify // 20 Dec 2019

Get people to trust you and view you as an authority - NOT a pushy salesperson.  Here are tips to make it happen. 

In a recent Gallup poll, only 25% of people rated real estate agents very high for honesty and ethical standards. (For comparison, 84% of people rated nurses very high — the highest rating in the poll.)  

Unfortunately, any time you approach a potential client, there are certain preconceived ideas about what you do for a living that you must overcome. Most people have a negative impression of any sales professional. 

But think about this. 

Celebrities who endorse products aren’t viewed as salespeople — even though they literally make millions of dollars promoting products or brands. 

Doctors, who were just behind nurses on the poll at 67%, are estimated to be responsible for at least 251,454 deaths due to medical errors annually in the United States. They also regularly sell drugs and medical devices to their patients. Yet when doctors promote a drug, people don’t feel like they’re being sold a product because doctors “prescribe” them.

So why are celebrities and doctors trusted above traditional salespeople?

Because in general, people view celebrities and doctors as experts. People are willing to trust their opinions because of their status in society. 

Even if you’re the top real estate professional in your area, if you don’t have any way to prove your expertise to the people in your area, you can’t work your expert advantage. 

What makes an expert?

When I think of personal development, I think of Tony Robbins. When I think of personal finance, I think of Dave Ramsey. When I think of social media marketing, I think of Gary Vaynerchuk.

What is the difference between these experts and you? They provide valuable content to educate people about the topics in which they specialize.

They’re not out there selling on a day-to-day basis — they don’t have to. They deliver value, and people buy into it. 

Think of someone you look up to and consider an expert in his or her field. When you use that person’s product or service, how do you feel?

When I think of the biggest thought leaders, I appreciate that they’re willing to share their knowledge and help me get to the next level. All that means is that their sales approaches worked. You don’t feel like you’re being sold or duped because you value what you’re getting in return. 

You have to find a way to get potential clients to feel the same about you — that you’re doing them a favor and helpful service by working with them. 

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What can you do to establish this credibility and separate yourself from every other real estate agent? You can educate people who are thinking of hiring you on why they should — and show them the value you bring to the table. Here are some ways you can do that:

  1. Do your research ahead of time. When you’re prospecting in a particular area, learn everything you can about it — popular amenities, school ratings, walkability score, etc. If you show you’re an expert in an area, people will trust you to market their homes to the right buyers or find the perfect home for them to move into (or both). 
  2. Be helpful. Freely giving out information and advice is a great way to build trust. Establish credibility by posting handy tips in your prospects’ LinkedIn groups, sharing articles on social media and blogging. If a prospect has seen any of your content before the first contact, he or she will automatically trust you more.
  3. Curate helpful content. Not a writer? No problem. You don’t need to be the person who created the content to pass it along. Find content that’s relevant to your prospect from thought leaders in your space, and share away. 
  4. Keep the focus on them. When you meet with potential clients, don’t just give them a laundry list of past sales or accolades — and certainly don’t lead with them. Talk about what you can do differently than any other agent to sell their specific home. 
  5. Give your leads a book full of helpful content. What do most experts have in common? They’ve published a book (or multiple books) on their area of expertise. But publishing a book takes a lot of legwork — and a lot of money. 

At Authorify, we make it easy for real estate agents to become published professionals. With our extensive library of books in a variety of niches, you can choose the book that works best for your business and the types of leads you pursue. Want to learn more about our program and book options? Visit Authorify.com. 

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