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Convert House Value Leads into Listings with a Book

By Authorify // 04 Jun 2020

One of the best ways to get people interested in working with you is to offer them a free estimate on the value of their home.

If you’ve ever worked with House Value Leads, you know the key to getting listings is conversion. If you don’t have a solid conversion system, you won’t get the listings.

Unfortunately, sometimes, you’re competing with top agents or agents who have more sales than you. If you don’t have a strong conversion system, you often lose listings to more established agents.

Your books can help you convert these House Value Leads, even if you don’t have a huge resume of past sales. 

How to Land House Value Leads

If you aren’t currently collecting House Value Leads, getting started is simple, and you can take several approaches. 

Facebook Ads

The easiest way to secure House Value Leads is by posting a Facebook ad offering out free home valuations. Link to a lead page, where your leads can provide their names, phone numbers and email addresses. 

Try something like: 

Have you been wondering how much your home is worth? I’m offering a FREE Comparative Market Analysis to the first 100 people who submit their names. Plus, as a bonus, I’ll send you a FREE copy of my book that shows you how to get the most money for your home in the least amount of time. Click here to get your free report! And check out a digital version of my book. 


Send out emails to people in your sphere and lead prospects with the subject line “Find Out How Much Your Home is Worth!” or “How Much is Your Home Worth?”

In the email itself, offer a free CMA and also send a digital copy of your book. 

Try something like:

Have you ever wondered how much you might be able to get for your home?

Even if you’re simply curious, I’d like to provide you with a free Comparative Market Analysis to determine the current value of your home. 

I’ll study similar properties in your area that recently sold and that are currently on the market to arrive at the price you could get for your home if you decided to sell today. 

I also wanted to provide you with a link to my Digital Book. You can check it out here: {INSERT DIGITAL BOOK LINK}

If you’d like a physical copy, please let me know, and I’d be glad to drop off or mail one to you. 


You can also take a similar approach by mailing out a postcard or flyer. 

Send people to your lead capture website, or have them email or call you to set up an appointment for a free CMA. 

One of the least expensive but most effective ways to reach an area is through a service called Every Door Direct Mail, which allows you to create a marketing “fence” around a specific area.

With EDDM, you simply select a mail route and send a postcard to every address in that mail route for about 17 to 19 cents. 

On the flyer or postcard, include a large headline that says something like “FREE HOME VALUE REPORT.” 

Instruct people to contact you or visit your lead capture page. You can even include a QR code for people to scan with their phones and be taken directly to the page. You can create a free QR code on any number of sites with a simple Google search. 

Don’t forget to include a call to action for people to read your book online or get a printed copy from you. 

You can also split test several different versions of a postcard to see which one produces the best result and send out more of that version in the future. 

Putting Together a House Value Package

Once you've generated leads, your first step should be to try to get those leads on the phone and schedule an in-person meeting. 

Say something like, “I found a bunch of comparable homes that I’d like to show you, but I’d like to see your home in person so I can accurately price it. I’m not sure what improvements you may have done or what unique features of your home might increase its value.”

A lot of people will say they were just expecting an online result. Others will be hard to get on the phone or will ignore your calls altogether. This is when to follow up with a mailed or emailed package.

If it's a really good lead you have a high probability of converting, send them a physical book if you have one. Include the CMA in the package, along with a cover letter and any other marketing materials you’d like to include. In your letter, be sure to note that the CMA is only a rough estimate without having seen the home in person and that you’d be happy to come by anytime to give a more accurate analysis.  

You can send an email with the link to your digital book to lower-quality leads. 

No matter which version you send, your book can help cement your authority and prove to the lead that you know what you're talking about.

Results in Action

Jason is a newer agent who has been beating out more established agents for listings. He generates a lot of House Value Leads and uses his book to convert them. 

“It's hard to compete with the established agents that constantly have 20, 30, 40, 50 listings, and if you're in a certain town, that's who people think of to call. The books enable me to compete with established agents, even though I’m newer and don’t have a fancy track record."

Jason mails out home valuation letters, along with his book, after qualifying leads through Facebook.

“It was a Facebook ad and basically said something to the effect of, 'Home values are always changing. Click here to get your free and instant home valuation.’

“What I do when people do that is I send them a letter and then a copy of my business card book from you guys. Probably about a week passed, and they said, ‘Hey, thanks for the emails and book and stuff. It's all great. Can you just come by one day, sort of informally, and kinda help us get an idea what the home is worth?’

“When I actually met with them in person, they raved about how cool the book was and no one's sent them anything like that, and how humorous it was and entertaining, and it was packed with great information.”

“They said they were interviewing a couple other agents, so I gave them my listing presentation spiel: the walkthrough of how I'm different, how I do things, how I'm gonna get their home sold and that kind of thing. Anyway, so long story short, I ended up getting the listing. It was a $600,000 house.”

This client then referred Jason to his brother, so he listed the brother’s house, too.

“One little home evaluation turned into two different deals, so it's worked out really well.”

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