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Use Your Digital Book as a Pre-Listing Package

By Authorify // 30 Apr 2020

You can dramatically increase your listing appointment conversion rate by sending your digital book as a pre-listing “package.”

Pre-Listing Packages

What is a pre-listing package? It’s a collection of materials you send to a lead before the actual listing appointment. The purpose of these materials is to show the lead you are capable of selling their home in a timely fashion for the most money and the fewest hassles. 

A pre-listing package often includes the following materials: 

  • A letter introducing yourself, your brokerage, your area of expertise, how you learned about the person’s desire to sell their home and why/how you can help
  • Examples of homes you’ve recently sold or that your brokerage sold, including photos
  • Local market data
  • An explanation of your marketing strategy, including professional photo examples
  • A brief explanation of the process to sell a home

A traditional pre-listing package is sent by mail or dropped off in person. But you can also send a digital pre-listing package that includes your digital book link, along with any other materials you’d like to include. 

Adding your digital book to your pre-listing package is a surefire way to impress potential clients and add value to your approach. Let’s break down the parts of your digital pre-listing package. 


Obviously, in a digital pre-listing package, you won’t be sending a physical cover letter. Here is an example email template you can send to potential leads.

Dear Name,

Ever wonder why two identical houses sell for entirely different prices?

Why does one house sell for $188,000, while another house, identical in every way, brings in $202,000? It just doesn’t make sense.

The truth is, similar homes sell for varying prices all the time. It happens all across the country. It happens in markets large and small.

These houses do not sell for more money by accident. No magic trick helped one seller get a better deal than the other. On the contrary, higher sales prices are the direct result of careful and strategic marketing. 

In my book, you’ll find strategies to help you get the most money for your home in the least amount of time. 

You can read it online or on your mobile device here: {INSERT DIGITAL BOOK LINK}

If you’d like a physical copy, I’d be more than happy to send you one. 

Also, if you have any questions about the content of my book, feel free to give me a call at xxx-xxx-xxxx. I’d be happy to meet with you to walk you through my specific marketing plan to get you more money for your home. 

Best Regards,

Your Name
Your Real Estate Company
Phone: (333) 555-1212
Email: Name@Email.com

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One of the advantages of sending a digital pre-listing package is that you can send video testimonials from your past clients. There’s nothing more valuable than your potential clients hearing directly from your past clients about their experience working with you. 

If you plan to send out a digital pre-listing package, reach out to your past clients ahead of time and ask them to film video testimonials about their home sales. You can offer an incentive, like tickets to a local sporting event or a gift card to a local restaurant. 

You can upload your video testimonials to Youtube and paste the links at the bottom of your email after your email signature.

Links to Your Real Estate Profiles/Social Media

A lot of information can be housed in your email signature, including links to your website, author site, Zillow and Realtor.com profiles, as well as your social media accounts. From there, potential clients can check out your past sales information and find out more about you.

Using Your Digital Book in a Traditional Pre-Listing Package

If you still want to send a traditional pre-listing package, invite people to view your digital book on a flyer or other marketing materials you include. It’s a simple way to share with leads that you’ve written a book without actually giving them a printed copy (unless, of course, they request one). 

You can also create a free QR code that your leads can scan with their phone cameras and instantly be linked to your digital book. This saves them the hassle of typing in your link. You can visit any number of free QR code generator sites, like qr-code-generator.com and create your own QR code image that you can download and use on all of your printed materials.

For more ways to use your digital books, check out this article

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