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Why Become a Member of Authorify?

By Authorify // 11 Mar 2020
Have you thought about writing a book  — but you aren't sure you have the time, money and other myriad resources? Authorify can solve all those issues as well as offer you more than just books. 


So why should you partner with Authorify for your book? Why not just pour yourself a finger of some nice, mossy Scotch, sit on your sofa and crank out chapter after chapter by yourself — spending HOURS of time grueling over the process (when you could be selling) and spending an EXORBITANT amount of money on an editor, on copyrights, on takeout to keep your spouse happy when you’re working late AND eventually on printing?! 

There’s a faster, easier way. We’re here to tell you about it. 

It’s no secret that writing a whole book takes a ton of time and money. But since books are so useful and we at Authorify want to see you succeed, we’ve come up with a way to get your name on a book, faster. 

Here’s a little bit about how it works. 

We have a whole library of books that are already researched, written, edited and revised. Here is a list of niches we offer at the moment (and we’re adding new ones constantly):

  • General Sellers
  • Home Buyers
  • First-Time Buyers
  • FSBO
  • Expireds
  • Divorce
  • Inherited Homes
  • Vacant Homes
  • Tax Delinquent Homes

Each category, such as FSBO or Expired, comes with a handful of possible titles. Here is a sample of a few titles:

    • Insider Secrets to Get Top Dollar for Your Home
    • Appeal to Buyers for a Top-Dollar Sale
    • Top Strategies for Selling “Unsellable” Homes
    • The Ultimate Guide to For Sale by Owner
    • Discover Your Home-Buying Power

Once you become an Authorify member, you select the book you want to start with. (We always recommend starting with one.) All members are assigned a Marketing Success Coach, or MSC, to help them learn how to use the books and other materials. Nope, Authorify is NOT just a book company — we offer a huge assortment of other marketing materials, too! 

Authorify- Books

The Many (Other) Benefits of Authorify 

Authorify is not only for publishing custom books that help you grow your business. There are many other benefits to being a member with us, and some of them admittedly “fly under the radar” because of how amazing the books are. Thus, we wanted to take a few minutes and share what else you can expect from your membership. 

1. A library of online courses - Authorify offers a selection of courses that are poised to help you with your real estate marketing. Courses include:

  • The Vacant Listing Machine
  • The Expired Rocket
  • Instant Trust FSBO System
  • How to Quickly Win Listings from Your Sphere
  • ...and others.

2. Extensive book training - Stumped on how to use your books effectively? Your Authorify membership comes with several hands-on videos that can give you ideas and instructions for using the books. The videos cover all kinds of topics, such as:

  • How to Turn Your Business Card into a Book
  • How to Advertise Your Book on Facebook
  • Using Your Book in Waiting Rooms
  • Including Your Book on Your Zillow Profile
  • ...and more. 

3. The mentorship of other members - Have you ever wanted to know how other real estate agents and sales professionals are conducting business? Once you become an Authorify member, you’ll have a network of other members who are sharing their stories and their strategies. From video testimonials to features inside our newsletter, Authorify Monthly, your membership will make you feel like part of a greater team, working toward success.

4. Marketing Success Coaches and general support - Because our members matter, we want to take the time to work with them on their strategies. Whether it’s related to books or one of our other included member products, MSCs are always happy to lend an ear and optimize the Authorify experience. 

The Book Builder App 

The Authorify Book Builder App has basically revolutionized the ease of becoming an author and having your own book, customized with information that makes you stand out from other agents. 

Because the newest version of the app lets you customize nearly everything about your book, you can add a professional photo of yourself to the front or back, as well as a custom biography and testimonials from your real customers. You can even move around chapters and tweak text to make it logical for your market area! 

Here’s what Dale, one of our members, had to say about a friend looking at his completed book and feeling a little envious:  

“My buddy, he goes ‘Man, that looks awesome. Your book, for no more time than you put in on it, your book looks a heck of a lot better than mine did,’” he said with a chuckle. “[My buddy] said, ‘I spent five years on it and $50,000.’ He said, ‘Your books look so much nicer and so much more like you were really really into it.’”

As you can see, many authors in the business field spend tens of thousands of dollars — as well as many years — trying to get the same product that Authorify is able to offer you at a fraction of the cost, time, and sweat equity. 

Here are the things you can change in each Authorify book to suit your business:

  • Introduction - As with many other books, you, the author, can “introduce” the purpose of your book and what your goals are in writing it. 
  • Biography - This page describes your unique background, credentials, personal interests and hobbies. 
  • Testimonials - This is where you would put the satisfied feedback of your previous clients so that readers know you are a great agent to work with. 
  • Call to Action Page - This page is where you encourage readers to visit your website, call you or email you. Essentially, you want them to reach out and conduct business with you. 

Concerned you’ll have to figure everything out on your own? Don’t be. We have a tour feature that will walk you through every step of the book-building process. And if you need more support, your

Marketing Success Coach will walk you through anything you may be stuck on. In addition to helping you figure out the sections above, our team will also implement a “Pre Flight Checklist” before the book gets printed. This list includes: 

  • Ensuring your head shot is properly added to the cover with correct resolution and dimensions 
  • File types are all correct 
  • All customized sections are correct
  • Book title and author’s name and contact information are correct 

Once you approve your book and feel 100 percent satisfied with it, you’re ready to publish! 

Authorify- Books

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